James Wilson: Gestures Will Be the Interface for the Internet of Things

The human body interacts with the physical world in subtle and sophisticated ways. Our eyes see a rainbow of color, our ears hear a range of frequencies, and our hands are great for grabbing whichever tool our creative brains can invent. But today’s technology can sometimes feel like it’s out of sync with our senses as we peer at small screens, flick and pinch fingers across smooth surfaces, and read tweets “written” by programmer-created bots. These new technologies can increasingly make us feel disembodied.

Rebecca Gatesman: The Wide World Of Wearables: Looking Toward the Future of Branding

Early this week, an app called Slice published a report stating the Apple Watch was “tanking” and likened the situation to the dramatic failure that was Google Glass. Apple Insider then countered the report by stating what it actually showed was that the device is completely dominating the smartwatch market.

No matter who you believe or what your stance on the Apple Watch is, this situation is a clear demonstration of how extremely volatile this emerging market is.

Peter Cluskey: China embraces the Internet of Things – to the tune of €1.45 trillion a year

If there was ever a doubt about the Internet of Things and its capacity to spark a “fourth industrial revolution”, just watch how China has embraced it in the past six months alone – anticipating huge technological change combined with remarkable economic growth.

Edward C. Baig: The Internet of Things goes after kids

NEW YORK — Inelegant as the name may sound, the "Internet of Things" has become the descriptor for a gaggle of Internet-connected devices and appliances, from smart sprinkler systems to thermostats.

Now Fuhu, a Los Angeles company known best as the producer of the Nabi tablet for children, wants to open the IoT's market to kids.
Fuhu is in the early stages of devising a "connected room" platform for kids built around sensors, monitors and cloud services, all designed to supply information – and hopefully peace of mind – to parents.

Obaidallah Elhassan: Internet of Batteryless Things - IoBT

Perhaps we have some familiarity to the term ‘Internet of Things’– IoT. It is where objects or people can communicate over a network. It is where the web and the physical world meet, and there is real physical presences to observe or control. Then what is ‘Internet of Batteryless Things’– IoBT? What advantages does it have over the many applications that are currently used?

How can IoT technologies be relevant for your business and for your life?

Meet IoT is a primary location for raising awareness on specific topics related to IoT, demonstrating how theoretical advances and research on different technologies can be leveraged by applications and services.

Building up from a successful 2014 Event, Meet IoT is a major event where to see IoT innovations, interact with IoT leaders and learn specific technologies.

Introducing the BBC micro:bit

The BBC unveils the BBC micro:bit, a pocket-sized codeable computer.
The BBC has unveiled the BBC micro:bit, a pocket-sized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology, which is to be given free to every child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK.

Kevin Mwanza: Is Africa Ready For The ‘Internet Of Things’? MTN Thinks It Is

Africa’s largest telecom operator MTN has partnered with global technology firm ZTE to bring one of world’s most talked about tech ‘internet of things’ (IoT) platform to the continent

The platform, which was launched in South Africa, allows devices and systems such as washing machines, fridge and wearable to interconnect via a dedicated network.

Stacey Higginbotham: Leaving the consumer out of the Internet of things is a mistake

If you leave consumers out of the internet of things you’re missing the big picture.

When you hear the phrase “Internet of things” what comes to mind? If you’re a captain of industry, it likely invoke stats from Gartner, Ericsson or some other firm offering up visions of trillion valuations. But if you’re a consumer, you’ll likely stare at the phrase and mumble, “Huh?” before pressing on. That’s because the Internet of things is a corporate and marketing construct for the most part.

Telematics ‘key to Dubai’s smart city plans’

Telematics will play a pivotal role in helping Dubai realise its goal of becoming a “smart city”, said an industry expert.

A key component in realising Dubai’s ‘smart city’ commitment is fleet operators that act responsibly and adopt technology that enables them to enhance their safety and efficiency levels, explained Brodie von Berg, head of Sales and Marketing at MiX Telematics Middle East, a leading provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions.


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