The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision. It is being built today. The stakeholders are known, the debate has yet to start. In hundreds of years our real needs have not changed. We want to be loved, feel safe, have fun, be relevant in work and friendship, be able to support our families and somehow play a role - however small - in the larger scheme of things. So what will really happen when things, homes and cities become smart? The result will probably be an tsunami of what at first looks like very small steps, small changes. The purpose of Council is to follow and  forecast what will happen when smart objects surround us in smart homes, offices, streets, and cities.

Claire Cain Miller and Chi Birmingham: A Vision of the Future From Those Likely to Invent It

Source: „From employment to leisure and transportation to education, tech is changing the world at a faster pace than ever before. Already, people wear computers on their faces, robots scurry through factories and battlefields and driverless cars dot the highway that cuts through Silicon Valley.Almost two-thirds of Americans think technological change will lead to a better future, while about one-third think people’s lives Read more about Claire Cain Miller and Chi Birmingham: A Vision of the Future From Those Likely to Invent It

Patrick Thibodeau: The Internet of Things could encroach on personal privacy

Source: „A recent White House report on big data wonders aloud about the capability of sensors and smart meters to turn homes into fish tanks, completely transparent to marketers, police -- and criminals. Smart meters with non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) technology, which can analyze individual power loads, make it possible to know what you are doing and using in your home. These systems can "show when you move about your house," said the White House, in its just released report on the privacy implications of big data.

Kochi Smart City Phase-I to be over by March 25

Soure: "The first building of the Smart City will be finished by the end this year and the official inauguration of the project is now tentatively fixed on March 25, 2015. The meeting of Board of Directors of the Smart City, which was held in Abu Dhabi, expressed satisfaction over the project picking up momentum as the construction of the 6.5 lakh sq ft first IT building, is in full swing. The meeting was attended by Kerala Industry Minister P K Kunhalikutty, Smart City Kochi Chairman Abdullatif AlMulla, SmartCity CEO Baju George Read more about Kochi Smart City Phase-I to be over by March 25

Jaikumar Vijayan:The Internet of Things likely to drive an upheaval for security

Source: „Analyst firm Gartner expects the Internet of Things (IoT) to drive a convergence of IT, physical and industrial control security practices over the next several years.
Much of the convergence will result from the sheer heterogeneity and number of devices that will become Internet-enabled by 2020. Current estimates range from Gartner's 26 billion devices to IDC's mind-boggling projection of 212 billion

Mark Wilson: The next steps in making connected homes a reality

Source: ”Our homes are called many things – cosy, characterful, charming – but rarely are they lauded as "smart". So removed are our dwellings from the internet’s astonishing advances that daily life in 2014 can feel like a form of time travel: one minute hailing a taxi using a smartphone, the next using a metal implement to open the front door.
The reasons are many. Leaving aside the possibility that many consumers are happy for the internet’s reach to end at their computers, it was only recently that the vast majority of British households gained access to cyberspace.

David Thorpe: The internet of things 'offers nothing for investors'

Source: "Simon Edelsten, manager of the Artemis Global Select Fund, has told What Investment that while there are many opportunities offered by the technology sector, investors should pay little heed to the hype around the so-called ‘internet of things’.
The 'internet of things' is a phrase used to describe the trend towards all devices, such as household appliances and cars, being connected to the internet.
Edelsten remarked: ‘The internet of things has been around for years, and it does nothing. I mean ok,

Matt Asay: A Massive Market Opportunity Awaits In Analyzing The Internet Of Things

Source: „The Internet of Things has been hyped for 15 years, but until now technological realities haven't supported technological possibilities. 
Today, given the confluence of cheap semiconductors, telecom operators with excess capacity and a new generation of open source data infrastructure, IoT is not simply possible, but probable. The question is what developers will do with it. Ultimately, as I've written, big money awaits developers who can turn IoT's Big Data into cross-device services.

Rosa Trieu: China Helps Internet Of Things Startup Ayla Raise $14.5M

Source: "You may soon be able to use your smartphone to track how much water you’ve used in your home, check your insulin level or get a text when a smoke alarm goes off when you’re away.
Ayla Networks, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider focused on connecting devices to its cloud platform, announced today that it has closed a $14.5 million Series B financing round with new investments from Cisco and SAIF Partners, one of China’s largest venture capital firms. Other investors in this round included the International Finance Corporation

Sally Davies: Who will be the Google of the internet of things?

Source: „Fridges that talk, watches that listen and thermostats that learn your secret domestic habits: these are some of the most visible examples of the so-called “internet of things” (or “IoT” for aficionados). Cisco, the global computing hardware group, is a big supporter of IoT. It announced yesterday that it was increasing its investment in early-stage companies in the sector to $250m over two to three years, up from the $100m it announced in January. It also unveiled three minority investments:

Ben van Lier: New industrial revolution calls for network-centric approach

Source: "During the opening of the Hannover Messe trade fair on 6 April, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte suggested in his speech that the German evolution to Industries 4.0 also meant a revolution for Dutch industry: “A revolution in which the classic industrial production and sales operations are becoming increasingly intertwined with delivering full-service and network thinking in the entire production process. Across borders. Product and price continue to be important, but are increasingly less all-determining for business success. Read more about Ben van Lier: New industrial revolution calls for network-centric approach

Mark Littlewood: This year, the “IoT Week” is being held in the UK – in London the week beginning the 16th June.

Source: „This year, the “IoT Week” is being held in the UK – in London the week beginning the 16th June. This also coincides with London Technology Week. We are very keen to see a large turnout from the IoT SIG membership. There are only a few days left to take advantage of an Early Bird registration. Tickets are priced at just €299.00 until Monday the 5th May. This covers entrance and refreshments for workshops, seminars and exhibition for three days.

Mike Loukides: Toward an Open Internet of Things

Source: „Mike Loukides says it's time to stop nibbling around the notion of standards, interoperability, and the Internet of Things. "It's time to say loud and clear: we won't build the Internet of Things without open standards," he states.
It's clearly more than just a philosophical issue. The magic of the Internet of Things doesn't lie in a single device, but in what multiple devices can do when they communicate with each other. A plethora of non-connecting, proprietary devices could alienate consumers and set back adoption for

Sensus study found that utilities lose an estimated $9.6 billion every year just from leaked water.

Source: „As the smart grid infrastructure and smart meters become more ubiquitous, attention on this Earth Day is turning to implementing smart technology to help create smart cities. As cities become ever more crowded traffic and gridlock, sufficient energy production, and adequate water and food resources will challenge their infrastructures. 
According to the Smart Cities Council, “Urban populations will increase by an estimated

Mike Matchett: The Internet of Things and Beyond: 5 Things We’ll Be Tracking for a Better Tomorrow

Source: „With the incredible rise in the number of mobile devices we can also see the advent of the Internet Of Things. Every device, mobile or otherwise, that has some ability to generate an interesting stream of data is getting "sensorized" and connected. The resulting streams of big data provide a wild new frontier for intelligence mining. We at Taneja Group see this trend opening up huge opportunities to build intelligent applications that can actively optimize and direct just about any system that is dynamically programmable. Read more about Mike Matchett: The Internet of Things and Beyond: 5 Things We’ll Be Tracking for a Better Tomorrow

Paolo Barattini: MARIne environmental in-situ Assessment and monitoring tool BOX

Due to growing concerns about the health of the oceans and their capacity to continue to provide resources as well as associated risks to the human health, there is an increasing demand for real-time monitoring of the environmental status of marine water quality and the provision of early warning systems.
Real-time in-situ monitoring of marine chemical contaminants (including man-made pollutants and algal toxins)


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