Accelerating the roadmap to an Internet of Things @ Home, Philips Design with Philips I.T. Strategy and Innovation

28/10/2009 - 08:46

View the workshop Prezi  here. For the best viewing experience give Prezi time to load the media then select full screen from "More" at the bottom right of presentation, use on-screen arrows to follow path or navigate freely with your mouse. Thank you to all participants who contributed!
This workshop was held in 2009 during the Council launch.
A 2004 Business week article Machine to Machine Internet of Things cites that by 2008 machine-to-machine (M2M) communication could drive a $180 billion annual business. The author notes that among the large companies discovering new applications for wireless  "Dutch giant Royal Philips Electronics (PHG ) wants to put wireless links in all of its products, from entertainment gear to medical systems."

For this interactive workshop Philips Design has teamed up with Philips I.T. Strategy and Innovation to invite you to join them in taking a critical look at how far the roadmap to an IoT has really progressed, whilst posing the question - How can we speed up past the "trough of disillusionment" to reach the "plateau of productivity?" (Gartner Hype Cycle)

Who will invest in the hardware, software and services to enable the IoT scenarios that the visionaries have long been dreaming of? What will the currency of the Internet of Things be? What are the scenarios that will entice consumers to welcome the IoT into their homes to participate in their lives? At what cost and providing what value? Financial, social and environmental.
The workshop is moderated by Lorna Goulden from Philips Design.
The rapporteur for this workshop is Aylin Koca.