Ambient Connectivity

22/09/2009 - 01:00

In his lecture Taking Internet connectivity to the next stage Bob Frankston says:

"The Internet was designed as a solution to the pragmatic problem of exchanging messages between two end points without depending on any particular services in the middle. The result has been a phenomenon that has had a major effect on society. We've been able to focus on the problems we are trying to solve without being mired in the details of merely exchange the bits.

We are at a crossroads. Traditional telecom is all about monetizing the path. We've been able to ignore this because we've been able to find enough value in using existing paths as with dial-up modems and broadband connections.

If we are to take the next stage to ambient-connectivity where we can assume connectivity as basic infrastructure we need to move from viewing telecommunications as a service to funding a common infrastructure to facilitate connectivity."
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