April 9: Global Internet of Things Day: Rotterdam

10/03/2010 - 14:25

If - according to the IOT - everything is connected: where does that leave the definition of home; i.e.: what is the relation between technology and our home -environment? What does ultimate connectivity means for architects, builders, craftsmen; the moment we start dwelling? Should there be a space which secures us; does that need another kind of privacy? Usman Haque once said: 'Home is not a place, but a composition of fragments' .Having said that: after Maslow's physiological first basics we still need to define and shape that environment..If that is the case, we still need place and imagination; we still need at some moment structure and materials; connectivity and recognition.These questions and many others are the ones we will try to answer on April 9th, in a meeting in Rotterdam; a follow-up of the Home-Sense workshop in Brussels.contact Martin Pot: mpot at managint.demon.nl