Arti Loftus: Semantic Interoperability and Standardization of Information Models to Advance the Industrial Internet of Things

8/03/2021 - 08:00

..."The broadly respected Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) last month released an important and extensive new whitepaper titled Characteristics of IIoT Information Models, co-authored by Takuki Kamiya (Fujitsu), Andrei Kolesnikov (IoT Association), Brett Murphy (RTI), Kym Watson (Fraunhofer IOSB), and Niklas Widell (Ericsson).


At a high level, the paper explains, “An information model is a representation of concepts, relationships, constraints, rules, and operations to specify data structures and semantics. An information model may be motivated by and designed for a certain domain.”


“Usage control is an extension of access control,” the authors write, addressing “the specification and enforcement of restrictions on how data may be used. This is relevant for IP protection and digital rights management, for example. Usage control is one of the core concepts of IDSA (International Data Spaces Association)."

The whitepaper closes with a beautiful tribute to Mr. Murphy, saying,

“We lost a beloved colleague recently. Brett Murphy has been a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium since Real-Time Innovations (RTI) joined within days of our launch in 2014. But not only was Brett a member, he was a trusted colleague, friend, key contributor, voice of reason, and shining light to us all.ç


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