Ashissh Raichura

Ashissh Raichura

I grew up to be a computing Whizkid, and now computers have become an intrinsic part of my life. Armed with over two decades of experience in the world of Information Technology, Me, Ashissh Raichura has carved a new notch for aspiring IT professionals. I’ve earned a doctorate in Computer science, from Vancouver, and am a Canadian citizen, who is an Indian by birth.

Currently established as CTO@Healthsaverz as well as a serial and successful entrepreneur, angel investor with investment in various start-ups.

I have been one of the early initiators of the cloud technology back in 2003. I enjoy thinking out of the box, and creating a whole lot, with the intention to serve mankind. I am also an IoT expert, incessantly amassing knowledge in the field, with the aim of growing seamlessly bring the future of digital growth to its present being.

My expertise lie in Big data, Hadoop, predictive analysis, analytic and business intelligence, cyber forensic analyst and investigation for cyber crimes. I harbour a keen interest in promoting IoT in the healthcare and smart homes sector.

I enjoy working with young minds, and mentoring and fuelling their zest for IT, into start-up business ventures too. Through the blog’s I aim at rekindling the flame of Information technology in the minds of the youth, as I certainly trust that the youth is the insignia of the future.