Blockchain for Social Good winners

1/07/2020 - 08:21

The European Commission has announced six Prize winners, selected to receive a total of EUR 5 million to apply distributed ledger technology to societal challenges.

Winning projects support traceability and fair trade; financial inclusion; decentralised circular economy; transparency of public processes; participation in democratic decision-making; and management of public records.

This award, conducted as part of the NGI initiative, was launched with the funding of the Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot, which supports top innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists to scale up their innovations through funding, coaching and networking.

The Prize supports solutions developed in Open Source. This will enable more innovators to benefit from the advanced technological solutions developed by participants.

The results of this Prize are important for the development of the Next Generation Internet initiative, which continues to explore the potential of Blockchain in new application areas, in particular to address local and global sustainability challenges in relation to the SDGs.