Chiel de Groot: When power fails, electronics should not

2/07/2020 - 08:28

The Internet of Things includes billions of devices. Fitting these with batteries would cause a disaster. An EEMCS research group has a better idea: intermittent computing.  

Replacing batteries by solar panels or wind turbines is not a solution, because their power is not continuous. Imagine performing a computation on a computer that shuts down multiple times per second. This is the challenge of Intermittent Computing: allowing a device to function despite frequent power cuts.

So, is Intermittent Computing a purely academic exercise? Pawełczak thinks not. “The industry is still very interested in this concept,” he adds. “The research by De Winkel and Kortbeek is made possible by a consortium of companies working towards battery-free IoT under the umbrella of a nationwide NWO co-sponsored project. Their two papers are an example of what collaboration between universities and companies can deliver.”