Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on The Internet of Things

28/12/2009 - 09:20

Premier reveals personal stories behind major policy changes
( 2009-12-27)

by Xinhua writers Xiong Zhengyan, Wang Yaguang

"BEIJING, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- Tales are usually told as entertainment, but sometimes they act as catalysts for change. In China, the world's third largest economy, story tales have led to national policy changes. {C}{C}{C}During his first one-on-one interview with Xinhua News Agency on Sunday, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao told several personal stories that helped his cabinet formulate the country's policies to tackle the global financial crisis and other issues....Internet has not been new to Premier Wen, but Internet of Things was.
"This concept first came to my mind when I talked with a group of young researchers who returned to China after their overseas studies," Wen said, referring to those he met during his inspection tour to east China's Jiangsu Province in November.

"I learned Internet of Things is a network that can be applied to infrastructure and services. The program will have a rosy prospect," Wen said.

According to Internet of Things, when objects ranging from books to airplanes are equipped with minuscule identifying devices, they can be identified and managed through computer networks.

Internet of Things was one example Premier Wen cited while outlining the country's initiatives to foster new growth areas, especially in emerging strategic industries.

Wen said financial crisis in history always brought about technological revolution. "The key to conquer the global economic crisis lies in people's wisdom and the power of science and technology," he said.

Wen did not elaborate on "emerging strategic industries" but said that the country should continue to give full play to its advantage in the manufacturing sector, while strive to develop important areas related to environment and people's living.

Efforts should be made to develop Internet, green economy, low-carbon economy, environment protection technology and biomedicine, he said."
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"The State Council, the Chinese cabinet, listed the IOT industry as one of five strategic emerging industries in the country. The State Council in its plan in early November pledged policy and financial support to help the industry to achieve breakthroughs on key technologies." source
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Wireless China 2010 (Wireless China 2009): "As M2M proliferates, the world is about to witness a booming market for Internet of things. This session will be useful for mobile operators, Internet companies and wireless developers trying to diversify their sources of revenue by connecting every day consumer oriented objects onto the Internet and creating useful applications." source
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"The Longyan municipal government of Fujian province and Tsinghua Tongfang Company recently signed a framework cooperation agreement to construct the "Internet of Things." The construction of the "Internet of Things" will soon start in the city." source
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SHANGHAI, March 2 (Xinhua) -- China's first "Internet of Things" center opened in Shanghai Tuesday, as part of the country's effort to enhance competitiveness in what is regarded as a promising industry. (source)
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"China sees significant improvement of "Internet of Things"
BEIJING, May 07, 2010 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- China has initially formed an industrial chain of the Internet of Things and has been expanding its application. According to the 2009 Annual Development Report of China's Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Internet of Things, China's market scale of RFID increased 29.3 percent year on year to 8.51 billion yuan in 2009, ranking third in the world, following the UK and the US."
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"East China's Jiangsu province plans to make itself a leader in the technology and use of the Internet-of-things industry in three to six years, the 21st Century Business Herald reported Thursday."