Council and Institute of Philosophy present a seminar in Moscow on Convergence of NBIC-technologies and Internet of Things

16/02/2010 - 15:53

Council and Institute of Philosophy team up with Lift@Home again for a Moscow seminar on Convergence of NBIC-technologies and Internet of Things. We believe the "winning solution" to making the most open, inclusive
and innovative Internet of Things is to transcend the short-term
opposition between social innovation and security by finding a way to
combine these two necessities in a broader common perspective. New trends of NBIC-convergence, Human Enhancement Technologies on the
one hand and Smart Environment (Ambient intelligence, Ubiquitous
computing, Internet of Things) on the other prepare us to a future
paradigm shift blurring Anthropology and Social Philosophy borderlines.
Organizers: Vadim Chekletsov (Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences, Council) & Rob van Kranenburg (Fontys Applied Sciences, Council)Where: Moscow IPH RASWhen: September 24 2010attending:

  • Manuel Mateo (European Commission, DG 4 INFSO)
  • senior policy people the from National Nanotechnology Project
  • council members of leading party fraction "United Russia" including Alexey Kara-Murza (IPH RAS)
  • Andrew Sheludyakov, INTELTEQ co-founder
  • Vladimar Rubanov , Russia President D.Medvedev Adviser for Information Society Development, Institute of Contemporary Development
  • Vladimir Arshinov, professor, Head of IPH RAS Department for Interdisciplinary Problems of the Scientific and Technological Development.
  • representatives of the academic world (IPH Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Kurchatov Institute NBIC-centre...)
  • Victor Nemchinov & Andrey Filippov, World Public Forum

contactVadim Chekletsov on chekletsov at mail.ruRob van Kranenburg kranenbu at