Declaration for cooperation and exchange of best practices in the field of self- sovereign identity between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Finland

23/09/2021 - 08:07

We are living a historical moment in time: the COVID19 pandemic, more than any other event in recent history, has highlighted the need for digital services and laid bare the shortcomings in digitisation prevalent across our continent. It has also shown how digital solutions, designed having users’ needs and preferences in mind, can help tackle effectively and efficiently the various issues our societies are facing, making them more resilient.
Digital identity - or the ability to make claims about who you are in a digital space - is a fundamental building block in today's world. Many digital interactions, and especially those that are most relevant, like dealing with public authorities, using internet banking, or buying online, require parties being able to identify each other reliably, and to share identity information between them in a secure and trustworthy way while keeping control over that information.