Elizabeth Renieris: The Role of Identity in Europe's Digital Future

21/06/2020 - 08:36

Elizabeth Renieris considers the European Commission's recent communications regarding a universally accepted public electronic identity (eID)
Last month, the European Commission unveiled its new digital strategy and a suite of strategy documents, including two communications on Shaping Europe’s Digital Future and A European Strategy for Data, as well as a Whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence. One sentence in Shaping Europe’s Digital Future immediately caught the attention of the identity community. It reads:
“A universally accepted public electronic identity (eID) is necessary for consumers to have access to their data and securely use the products and services they want without having to use unrelated platforms to do so and unnecessarily sharing personal data with them.”
This article examines this line-item in the broader context of the European identity framework and Europe’s digital future.