Gerard van der Hoeven

Gerard van der Hoeven

Gerard is an entrepreneur and senior executive with well over 23 years of entrepreneurial experience in the Tech industry. Been leading companies and digital transformations in software, telecom, utility, electronics and payments.

Skilled in strategy, leadership, business development, executive management and finance. Combined with a deep understanding of technologies in IoT, Cloud, Telco and Smart Grid.

He started his first cloud software company at age 18 in the early days of the internet. After selling the company at 25 he has been working in retail to disrupt with technology, in telecom as lead strategist for cloud and later IoT. At age 34 he started to work in the venture capital space as CEO of multiple companies ending to run and grow a division of scale-up companies. At 38 he decided to get back on the ground as startup entrepreneur, to disrupt and accelerate sustainable digital business models and breaking silos. Doing that with 3 companies:

digital transformation strategy and delivery agency http://Protium.Digital

exclusive digital leaders network

digital e-learning platform

He holds a MSc degree from Rotterdam School of Management, BSc Degree in Technical Management and an BSc Electrical Engineering from The Hague University.

Gerard is a regular public speaker, a regular speaker in San Francisco, Berlin, London, Athens, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dublin and many other locations on a variation of conferences on digital transformation. Next to that he has been speaking in many in-company sessions.