iIoT World: De-risking Software Safety Certification: How to lead your organization to certification success

25/10/2020 - 09:45

When it comes to developing safety-critical systems like industrial equipment, automotive systems and medical devices, avoiding certification is no longer an option, nor is it easy.  Just a decade ago 75 percent of companies embarking on certifying software against a safety standard, failed. As each certification project requires an immense investment of resources and engineering time, failure is expensive. Although the percentage of failed attempts has decreased, it’s not because projects are being better managed — it’s because once organizations see the number of obstacles on the road to certification, they simply decide not to start.

Overcoming the odds against successful safety certification requires business leaders to drive a company-wide safety culture, and for development teams to adopt new processes as new safety standards become goal-based. In this one-hour virtual conference, Chris Hobbs, renowned author and functional safety expert will share practical advice for R&D leaders he’s gained from years of first-hand experience working on safety projects.

Learn how to set your teams up for success when pursuing safety-certification standards such as ISO 26262, UL 4600 and IEC 61508, how to develop “sufficiently-dependable” software that meets availability and reliability needs with minimum development effort and why functional safety is so important to staying competitive.