iWave Launches iW Security Suite for End to End Security in Automotive Industry

17/11/2020 - 08:50

In the present scenario, where the expansion of technology is being increased at a rapid phase, there comes the task of protection of embedded systems against unauthorized access and targeted attacks. Expansion of technology in this competitive world along with securing it from hackers is the challenging point. iWave helps in both expansion and securing the system.
To protect the systems from unauthorized access, there comes the concept of security in embedded devices. Security in one form or another is an important requirement for an increasing number of embedded systems, ranging from low-end systems to mid- and high-end network equipment.
iWave’s security suite provides the end to end security and prevents the information/data in the system from being unauthorized. Minimizing the security risks can be done by using iWave’s security suite during the development and also in the later stages.