Kevin Monserrat

Kevin Monserrat

*People will forget what you say but they will always remember how you make them feel.

If like me you believe that people matters. I am passionate about building long term relationship with people. At school, I learnt to listen my friends at a very young age and kept improving this skill when I realize that I could help.Then understand people's needs has become the biggest part of my life. Therefore I built myself with in mind that sales was all about emotions and congruent with customers.

If like me you think that culture matters. My curiosity tends to lead me across the globe; therefore, I developed a high motivation to work around the world with different cultures and beliefs. Indeed, I worked in the USA, studied and worked in Australia and recently decided to enjoy the beautiful weather of London.

My energy dragged me toward many different topics such as personal development, global political economy, international business, investment, business ethics, and business innovation. For example, in parallel of my studies I attended courses via Coursera. Organization which has partnerships with top universities and organisations worldwide .

I'm currently studying in London business innovation and entrepreneurship from September 2014 to March 2015. (MSc degree expected on June 2015)

If you think that you could join my network to create the vehicle of a change for a better customer experience then connect.

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