Mohammad Amer Shallah

Mohammad Amer Shallah

As an “Independent Consultant & Writer”, I serve through “Auto-ID Support” AIDC technologies (Automatic Identification, Data Capture, & Mobility). These technologies capture data automatically for the IoT, AI, and Big Data among many more.

I have been serving this domain over twenty years distributing, integrating and implementing AIDC in various fields in retail, security, government and the supply chain..

I have been supporting business development and networking of leading AIDC manufacturing suppliers to potential distributors and resellers in the MENA region, providing information, market surveys, feasibility studies, potential market information and technical support.

Furthermore, I provide AIDC consultancy work including by not limited to:

a - Writing articles along simplified diagrams and infographics to raise awareness and cover technology trends (

b- Providing featured product design concepts to certain manufacturers inspired from real life user experience.

I have studied Computer Engineering in American University of Beirut and Oklahoma State University from which I graduated.