Moral Exemplars in the Computing Profession

9/10/2009 - 09:11

In 'Moral Exemplars in the Computing Profession', Chuck Huff and Laura Barnard state "it is the combination of social and technical skills that leads to the successful performance of the virtues in com­puting, and that it would be more effective to teach this combination than to teach the two in isolation (or to only teach the technical). To do this will require some under­standing of the complex social and technical skill and knowledge base our exemplars used to solve the problems that confronted them and to achieve the goals they set."
read further in this free sample issue of IEEE Technology and Society, Volume 28 Number 3 Fall 2009:

..." both social skills (e.g., understanding people, navigating organizations) and technical skills (e.g., understanding database structures and software processes) as in­fluential in successful moral action in computing, and as crucial even for good design. For many of the craftspersons, the center of their craft was recognizing the organi­zational or personal needs of users and using their technical expertise to reframe those needs into things that computing could help them do. But for all the exemplars the skills of constructing functioning, com­mitted work groups, navigating or­ganizations, and influencing others were part of their success.