Obaidallah Elhassan

Obaidallah Elhassan

Obaidallah Elhassan is an Electrical Engineering Student at Abu Dhabi University in the United Arab Emirates.

He is interested in Internet of Things. During his studies, Obaidallah has conducted multiple researches and projects in this field and, especially, in the area of Low power and self-powered Wireless Sensor Networks for medical applications.

Other area of his interests are smart cities, indoor localization, building automation, industrial internet, robotics, and renewable energy.

The strategic goals of his scientific works are designing and building smart, green, and wireless systems. In addition to his electrical and electronics knowledge, he has such good computer and programming skills as C++, Embedded C, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Python, and AngularJS. He had the opportunity to be a research student and received a research grant twice during undergraduate studies.

There are many local events and contests that Obaidallah has participated in such as the UAE Undergraduate Students Research Competition for the years 2014 and 2015, the Abu Dhabi International Summit for Young Entrepreneurs, The Idea Factor Competition, Innovator, and many others. Also, he is interested in attending conferences and symposiums.