RvK: The next battle: Identity

14/10/2020 - 23:04

We wonder why all the time. Once we had that luxury, as cause and effect were more immediate, and quite clear. In a fully connected world ,there is only resonance. So much going on, so much interference. For centuries we therefore focused on ‘intent’; why and who: Why did that happen? Why did she do that? Who was behind that move?

Now when the world resonates, we glue our eyes to the why and who and it only leaves us drained, frustrated and devoid of vital energy. All the time, every time. In 2020 all we can focus on is “effect”. What is the state of affairs, and how can we change them? Then action becomes more logical, focus returns 360 degrees and the course and your steps in it become clear.

Let’s look at how this plays out for us on a sunny Autumn day in 2020. The news of the day is the Europe finally realizes agency lies on the level of identity. The Union will start with an e-ID, a login for you to do taxes, rent a bike, maybe take a train (in COVID19 times) one day.  

“European Commission announced that it is necessary to change some parts of their digital ID scheme for online transactions across Europe. A representative Andrea Servida recently stated that the necessity comes after they noticed some level of uncertainty in a process of creating a digital identity. This can be viewed as the European Commission’s official stance.

According to Servida, the main problem is that the users don’t know what happens with their personal data in the reality. When any platform or app asks them to create a new digital identity, a question appears: what are you doing with my private information?” (Gorica Gligorijevic: European Commission to propose a new secure European e-identity for online transactions

The first and logical question is: where do the data remain, not just of the logins, but the timings and maybe also content (which bike and how many?) That is a problem for which we have a strong solution: disposable identities. 

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