The Sensing City, with Plot

7/11/2009 - 12:47

This workshop to explore Internet of things at the scale of the City was run during the Council launch in 2009, by Gill Wildma of Plot.
Most of us will be living in cities in the future, and cities are a scale of operating most of us don't often get a chance to think at. Many cities are expanding exponentially – some 70 million people leave rural areas every year to join nearby cities, the majority to join squatter cities. At the same time brand new cities, such as Masdar - a carbon neutral city in Abu Dhabi - are being built right now.

How could the IOT contribute to the kinds of cites we would want to live in? In this session we will explore:
If everything is addressable, what would we want to address, and what systems could we rethink?
How could we engage people in completely new ways with their livelihoods, healthcare, education, and participation?
How can we support independence and economic viability on a wider basis?
What infrastructure would we need?

We will be looking at city scale systems - using the internet of things as the starting point for thinking about a whole range of informatics, a new range of uses and to rapidly develop some systemic ideas around this.
A report of the workshop is available.
The workshop is moderated by Gill Wildman from Plot.
The rapporteur for this workshop is Nancy Schokkenbroek.