Tom Collins

Tom Collins

Tom is partner at PLEQ Predictive Maintenance, founder of the IoT Methodology, and previously full stack developer and community lead of, an IoT Rapid Prototyping Platform by AllThingsTalk.

With a focus on networks and information systems, he has a diverse background in military comms, R&D within healthcare, education technologist, industrial manufacturing and more recently a number of tech startups. He also received acknowledgements for a paper written on 'The Convergence of Cloud Computing, Smart Devices & The Internet of Things. 

Evangelism services within IoT Communities have lead Tom to host tailor-made workshops and support 'hackathons' as coach, judge and subject expert for Intel, Proximus, Allianz and Startup Weekend amongst many others. He is also an Intel Software Innovator.

Tom brings a multidisciplinary approach to consultancy services, concerning strategy, adoption and value creation in the Internet of Things, entailing business model generation, technology adoption initiatives within corporates, product/market validation, route to market within B2B and B2C contexts and POC development (Hardware, Cloud, Mobile), deployment & trials.

Contact him at info at or on Twitter @snillocmot.