Tools for mediation in the IoT

1/11/2009 - 10:37

This workshop was run during the Council launch in 2009.
In this workshop we will work with the premisse that vertical institutions will break under the weight of the internet based decision possibilities of evergrowing groups of people organizing themselves on all kinds of specific topics. How can we help existing institutions and power nodes to transform into a networked form of a variety of heterogeneous forms of organisation that need mediation? Following the logic of a dark but plausible scenario focusing on breakdown rather then contuinity, we want to bypass the possibility of this scenario by facilitating citizens with the individual and community tools that are necessary to perform the functions of current institutions and democratic processes: slow down, mediate, negociate, educate, take a long term perspective...

We will focus on this case:

In a recent brainstorm in Amsterdam for a small essay (IOT for everyone) in which people ranging from GS1, Philips, Mobi Ubiq, University of Nijmegen, to Technology Foresight Group STT, took place there emerged a view that the real immediate value for people lies not so much in the home as on the scale of the neighbourhood and community that is walkable. Breaking down the day of a family of four into a set of activities, clustering around morning, afternoon and evening, the main issues centered on all the traffic and trips families undertook which coincided with their immediate neighbours. Coordinating children’s trips to school, shopping trips and sharing of tools that too many people own individually – coupling green with social cohesion - were among the first scenarios.
See also: The Guardian. Is Local the new Social now?
Jaromil will introduce grassroot access to technology, education and freedom and the ways of working among open source developers.
Melanie will introduce the RFID Guardian.

The workshop is moderated by Jaromil, Melanie Rieback and Rob van Kranenburg. Arlon Stock (Open Craft) was the rapporteur for this workshop.