Victoria Michael: America’s cities are crumbling and all politicians can focus on are absurd ‘smart city’ plans. But these dystopian ideas will only make people’s lives worse.

17/07/2021 - 21:24

"Last month, the city of Los Angeles laid out a strategy for its reinvention. By 2028, when the Olympics arrive in LA, the city will lose its status as “car capital of the world,” according to its new, lengthy roadmap. It plans to employ additional policing technologies, digitize public transit and, in essence, “strive to be a ‘smart’ city.”
Over the past two decades, the idea of the smart city has captivated city bureaucrats. It’s difficult to overstate its popularity: Mayors and policymakers nationwide have rushed to roll out their own versions of the strategy, referencing the “smart city” concept in tones of grandeur."