• Disposable Identities? Why Digital Identity Matters to Blockchain Disintermediation and for Society

    Abstract Many smart contract applications—or more precisely blockchain-based digital ledger technologies (DLTs) proliferate. And yet, without accounting for the identity dimension and the different authentication regimes, there is little chance that these technologies will gain widespread use, and their disruptive innovation potential will not be realized. A growing number of digital interactions in which we… Read More …

  • The Internet of Things: Foundational ethical issues

    This paper surveys foundational ethical issues that attach to the Internet of Things(IoT). In Section 1, we provide an overview of the technology, indicating both current and future applications. Subsequent sections consider particular ethical issues, including: informed consent (Section 2), privacy (Section 3), information security (Section 4), physical safety (Section 5), and trust (Section 6). Section 7emphasizes that… Read More …

  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection at the Edge

    Dalton Oliveira, MBA The budget and team-building are interlaced. For the topic of this article, a multidisciplinary team with strong knowledge-base and real-world previous experiences in their respective areas make a huge difference. The management way of leading and the technologies to be adopted are the necessary elements to complete the Digital Transformation puzzle: people… Read More …

  • Modeling Digital Penetration of the Industrialized Society and its Ensuing Transfiguration

    Johannes Vrana· Ripi Singh The Fourth Industrial Revolution, ushered by the deeper integration of digital tech- nologies into professional and social spaces, provides an opportunity to meaningfully serve society. Humans have tremendous capability to innovatively improve social well-being when the situation is clear, which was not the case during the first three revolutions. Thus, society… Read More …

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And as the peasants learned how to tumble the knights from their horses, the world was never the same again.

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IoT Council is a group of IoT professionals exchanging information on the Council email list. theinternetofthings.eu is a repository of articles by IoT Council members.

The IoT Council was kickstarted in Brussels in 2009 as an Internet of Things think tank, news service and silent accelerator for IoT projects.


A Disposable Identity is a contextual and temporary identity, limited in terms of scope, time, location allowing end users to show specific and limited information or credentials, for example  in order to validate the access control of the building.

IoT Council is a co founder of Disposable Identities


The IoTday April 9 is a Global Day to celebrate IoT as a baseline for decision making based on real time data.

IoT Council started this initiative in on april 9 in 2010 as a small event by talking about #IoT in local settings (street, apartments, parc).
Since then it has grown into a global event with participation of large Tech and SME.