• IoTDAY 2023

    IoT Day and is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to set up an event, a lunch, a talk with the neighborhood on what #IoT is and what it means in everyday life for all of us. IoT Day is an opportunity for the #IOT Community to show that it cares for […] Read More …

  • Emerging Startups 2023: Top Internet of Things Infrastructure Startups

    Last Updated: January 10, 2023 Source: “The Internet of Things Infrastructure has over 4.5K+ startups that comprise of companies which are engaged in technologies and services that facilitate development of connected solutions. This companies providers hardware and software for developing IoT applications, also covers network service providers and enablers for IoT applications that includes unlicensed spectrum […] Read More …

  • M2M-Communication: From one Machine to Another

    But what exactly are the machines doing?They’re not talking since their communication has to be non-verbal by default.They’re not having a conversation since they will hardly be chatting about topics like films or music.Making contact fits better than communication and seems to hit the target dead-centre.Systems of machines working together have been around for a […] Read More …

  • Electronic Evidence in the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem

    This publication provides a quick overview of the IoT environment and its components1 from a high-level perspective. It is not a technical guide and does not describe any forensics processes or procedures involving the search, seizure, capture, analysis, or presentation of electronic evidence2 in court proceedings. It provides a basic understanding of IoT devices, their […] Read More …

We offer In-depth articles about (IoT)  technology,  its impact on society and citizens and how it can assist and support the big societal questions of today.

And as the peasants learned how to tumble the knights from their horses, the world was never the same again.

Rob van Kranenburg

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about iot council

IoT Council is a group of IoT professionals exchanging information on the Council email list. theinternetofthings.eu is a repository of articles by IoT Council members.

The IoT Council was kickstarted in Brussels in 2009 as an Internet of Things think tank, news service and silent accelerator for IoT projects.


A Disposable Identity is a contextual and temporary identity, limited in terms of scope, time, location allowing end users to show specific and limited information or credentials, for example  in order to validate the access control of the building.

IoT Council is a co founder of Disposable Identities


The IoTday April 9 is a Global Day to celebrate IoT as a baseline for decision making based on real time data.

IoT Council started this initiative in on april 9 in 2010 as a small event by talking about #IoT in local settings (street, apartments, parc).
Since then it has grown into a global event with participation of large Tech and SME.