• Many companies find that the benefits of AI in supply chain management outweigh the difficulties.

    Raj Kosaraju: Yes, companies that integrate AI and analytics into their supply chain operations can significantly reduce logistics costs, often by up to 15%. These technologies provide a substantial edge in managing the complexity and demand for precision in modern supply chains. Here’s a more detailed look at the benefits and ways AI and analytics… Read More …

  • AI thrives on quality data

    Raj Kosaraju: AI thrives on quality data, and upgrading data integration for analytics is crucial for enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of AI-driven insights. Here are some strategies and best practices to improve data integration for analytics: 1. Establish a Data Governance Framework 2. Invest in Data Integration Tools 3. Leverage Cloud Data Services 4.… Read More …

  • From Experiment to Excellence: KPIs for Gen AI Success

    Sourav Rout, MBA, MSDigital Transformation Leader | Driving Sustained Business Success through Digital Innovation, Data Enablement and Strategic Innovation July 2, 2024As companies increasingly adopt generative AI to drive innovation and efficiency, measuring the performance of these initiatives is essential. The shift from experimental AI projects to fully functional systems depends on evaluating their effectiveness,… Read More …

  • From the Newsletter Nr 4

    Subscribe here. Engineers and computer scientistsIn Asia the engineers lead, in the West they do gadgets, applications and services, leaving the system to populists. Yet their skills and expertise are built for leading not just companies but states. At this moment the legal mindset is the cockpit (just look at the plethora of Acts and… Read More …

We offer In-depth articles about (IoT)  technology,  its impact on society and citizens and how it can assist and support the big societal questions of today.

And as the peasants learned how to tumble the knights from their horses, the world was never the same again.

Rob van Kranenburg

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about iot council

IoT Council is a group of IoT professionals exchanging information on the Council email list. theinternetofthings.eu is a repository of articles by IoT Council members.

The IoT Council was kickstarted in Brussels in 2009 as an Internet of Things think tank, news service and silent accelerator for IoT projects.


A Disposable Identity is a contextual and temporary identity, limited in terms of scope, time, location allowing end users to show specific and limited information or credentials, for example  in order to validate the access control of the building.

IoT Council is a co founder of Disposable Identities


The IoTday April 9 is a Global Day to celebrate IoT as a baseline for decision making based on real time data.

IoT Council started this initiative in on april 9 in 2010 as a small event by talking about #IoT in local settings (street, apartments, parc).
Since then it has grown into a global event with participation of large Tech and SME.