• Participants grew more concerned about privacy and security of IoT over the course of the workshops.

    Participants grew more concerned about privacy and security of IoT over the course of the workshops.Prior to the workshops during the initial engagement, participants did not spontaneously recognise the collection and processing of personal information as areas of concern. Many participants trusted manufacturers and generally felt comfortable with their personal information being collected, however, some… Read More …

  • Just before the perfect storm. 1. Newsletter

    In under twenty-five years billions of devices have entered the world. They wereborn as it were in industrial settings, programmed by single purpose led engineers, and built for either passive (to be read by radio equipped devices) or active connectivity (by devices with sensing capabilities). It is quite unprecedented that such an ontological shift has… Read More …

  • Raj Kosaraju: First contact: When did you first hear of IoT? In what context was that?

    It describes the network of actual physical objects, or “things,” that have sensors, software, and other technologies built in them with the aim of establishing connections and sharing information with other systems and gadgets via the internet. One of the earliest contexts in which it was discussed was in relation to supply chain management. The… Read More …


     It’s heartening to witness the rapid growth and evolution of the Malaysian Digital and Internet industry. The need for a dedicated platform where stakeholders can converge to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and address pertinent issues is paramount in fostering further development in this dynamic sector. We are delighted to announce the forthcoming Hypernet of Things (HoT)… Read More …

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And as the peasants learned how to tumble the knights from their horses, the world was never the same again.

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IoT Council is a group of IoT professionals exchanging information on the Council email list. theinternetofthings.eu is a repository of articles by IoT Council members.

The IoT Council was kickstarted in Brussels in 2009 as an Internet of Things think tank, news service and silent accelerator for IoT projects.


A Disposable Identity is a contextual and temporary identity, limited in terms of scope, time, location allowing end users to show specific and limited information or credentials, for example  in order to validate the access control of the building.

IoT Council is a co founder of Disposable Identities


The IoTday April 9 is a Global Day to celebrate IoT as a baseline for decision making based on real time data.

IoT Council started this initiative in on april 9 in 2010 as a small event by talking about #IoT in local settings (street, apartments, parc).
Since then it has grown into a global event with participation of large Tech and SME.