Abstract from IoT of People

Concept written on 2nd April 2023, to be discussed on 12th April 2023. Internet of
Things (IoT) of People, Zoom Congress Potential Fundamentals on the concept “Abstract from IoT of People”. Concept: Henk A. Koopmans.

In general the IoT could and should be seen as a Public Utility all over the world. Of course also a complementary Public Utility known as the World Wide Web (WWW). The combination is per definition unbreakable. IoT applications could be implemented without using the WWW is situations of closed telecom network facilities and/or hardwired private network or telecom communications.

Any Public Utility , so also the IoT + WWW, has strong demands/needs for (world wide) standardization of legislation and operational rules based on international (world wide) agreed upon by the United Nations and/or the World Trade Organization. Looking after procedures. Internationally accepted and applied as well as an word wide institution specifically looking after the domain of IoT + WWW. ((GIoTP