asvin and cyber agency present cyber research at MIT

Stuttgart, Halle/Saale, Cambridge, MA, USA, May 2024 – The transatlantic research alliance MANTRA is redefining the way cybersecurity information is shared. The alliance includes Stuttgart-based asvin GmbH, the German Federal Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity GmbH (Cyber Agency), the leading US research institute MIT and other German research institutions. In view of the increase in new attack variants, state hacking, cybercrime and sabotage in critical infrastructures, the transatlantic MANTRA project is developing new methods for collaborative cyber threat intelligence as a thought leader.

The company and the participating scientific organisations will be demonstrating how this works at two events in the USA in mid-May at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Research into new methods for increasing cyber security and prioritising risks in cyberspace has been an integral part of asvin’s innovation strategy since its foundation. With the asvin Labs and international, European and national innovation projects on cyber security, asvin is a pioneer in cyber security research. At the same time, asvin is focussing on cooperation with important players in the cyber security segment. This includes the collaboration with the US organisation CAMS (Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan) and the ongoing contract for the MANTRA project*1 from the cyber agency. asvin is now pushing ahead with both initiatives on its US tour to Cambridge, MAS, USA, in mid-May. The objectives and interim results of both projects will be presented to the international community of cyber security researchers and cyber security managers from leading companies in the USA, Europe and Asia at MIT.