Citizen Jury on Consumer Internet of Things (IoT)

A citizen jury is a way to understand the public’s opinion on specific subjects that, in turn, helps to inform how we write our guidance. Impact Research conducted a citizen jury on our behalf to find out what the public thought about Internet of Things (IoT) products.

The research focused on IoT products available to people on the consumer market, such as fitness trackers, doorbells, connected TVs and smart speakers. The citizen jury articulated their expectations from manufacturers for these products.

The research explored six areas of data protection with a nationally representative sample of participants: consent, transparency, profiling and advertising, individual rights, accountability and security.

We’re using the research findings and recommendations from the citizen jury to inform drafting of our guidance on consumer IoT which will provide manufacturers with regulatory certainty.

Our work is at an early stage and we’ll be reviewing the recommendations from the citizen jury alongside the rest of our stakeholder work which includes manufacturers of IoT products, trade associations and the third sector.