Cyber-Physical Loops as Drivers of Value Creation in NDE 4.0

Johannes Vrana: Across so many industries, non-destructive evaluation has proven its worth time and again through quality and safety assurance of valuable assets. Yet, over time, it became underappreciated in business decisions. In most cases, the data gathered by NDT is used for quality assurance assessments resulting in binary decisions. And we seem to miss out on value of the information content of NDE which goes way deeper and can help other stakeholders: such as engineering, management, inspectors, service providers, and even regulators. Some of those groups might not even be aware of the benefits of NDE data and its digitalization. Unfortunately, the NDE industry typically makes the data access unnecessarily difficult by proprietary interfaces and data formats. Both those challenges need to be addressed now by the NDE industry. The confluence of NDE and Industry 4.0, dubbed as NDE 4.0, provides a unique opportunity for the NDE/NDT Industry to not only readjust the value perception but to gain new customer groups through a broad set of value creation activities across the ecosystem. The integration of NDE into the Cyber-Physical Loop (including IIoT and Digital Twin) is the chance for the NDE industry to now shift the perception from a cost center to a value center. This paper provides an overview of the NDE ecosystem, key value streams, cyber-physical loops that create value, and a number of use cases for various stakeholders in the ecosystem. Source