Dear Rob and the creative collective known as the Council on the Internet of Things

William Morrish: Instead of writing an article or essay for a journal, blog, or book, I turn to the concept of writing a letter, which is part information, and part sharing our human journeys as we spin around the sun, hopefully, “creating a better place than that which we inherited,” as the last line of Athenian Oath of Citizenship states.
My journey with the Council on the Internet of Things, began when I meet, you in 2010. We were participating a week-long retreat digging through mountain resort and town waste dumps in and around the City of Banff, British Columbia with large group of artists, hackers, urban designers, and philosophers reflected on starting at both ends of the emerging digital 1G yet to named, SMART City and Big Data, urban future. The art works assembled from the waste commenting on the emerging global logistics viral explosion opened the door to more unsettling questions about what the new idea internet of things would generate as a lived future. Source