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Engineers and computer scientists
In Asia the engineers lead, in the West they do gadgets, applications and services, leaving the system to populists. Yet their skills and expertise are built for leading not just companies but states. At this moment the legal mindset is the cockpit (just look at the plethora of Acts and Directives coming out of Europe), but fining innovative people is not putting you ahead of the curve. A deep understanding of infrastructure, hardware, tools like the mobile phone and services is what is needed now. Going political does not mean forming a party, but organising new working groups in IEEE chapters and standard bodies on how to extend enterprise models and real time feedback in systemic models like states.
A Kenner
I believe that the day is not far off when all people will have some tool, call it a wallet, a router, a phone, a crypto mining device (maybe all of that) that runs all computation locally on that device and gives out only contextual, time-limited and scope-based information; a companion to assist you in educating yourself and others in living together on a small planet that is tumbling about in vast space. In fact, the 1976 novel Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy, describes this tool in her ‘utopia’ of a society combining local bio food and resilient communities running on high tech renewables and distributed ledgers provisioning services. Maybe it was not a utopia but just a vision? She calls the device a kenner.