IoT Council: Three Questions on IoT: Diego Casado-Mansilla

When did you hear first of IoT? In what context was that?

In early 2008, we proposed a bid that was then transformed into a European project called: DiYSe. The objective of the project aimed to enable ordinary people to easily create, set and control applications in their smart living environments as well as in the public Internet-of-Things space, allowing them to leverage aware services and smart objects for obtaining highly personalised, social, interactive, flowing experiences at home and in the city

Did you think it was something big then or just another technology?

Coming from the ubiquitous computing and Ambient Intelligence field, at the very beginning I felt that it was a buzzword, but then I realised its potential as a groundbreaking technology (I did my PhD in the field)

What were your dreams, hopes for it once you realised how big it was going to be?

As I said, I did my PhD on the intersection of HCI and IoT, so my dream at that time still is valid and resonates with original ideas of a more intelligent collaboration between people and smarter environments. The hybrid intelligence paradigm which can make people and IoT devices smarter because of the collaboration they perform.

Diego Casado-Mansilla