IoT Council: Three Questions on IoT: Friedhelm Becker

The first time, I heard about IoT was around the year 2000. In the context of digital communication, to me it only meant considering networks for communication rather than point to point interfaces. So it caught little attention.

As mentioned above it only meant another communication path. Background information: Since 1974 I work in the field of computer assisted sensor-effector-integration.

My dreams were nightmares, when I recognized the incapability of commercial hardware to securely work in networks. First came mobile storages, then networks; both occasions led to embracing the expected advantages. The backdrops w.r. to security were not seen or disregarded, breaking way to the current cyber threat situation. I still hope this situation will develop towards the better. Myself, I designed a few steps towards a safer computing hardware.

Friedhelm Becker