IoT Council: Three Questions on IoT: Hani Khalaf

When did you hear first of IoT? In what context was that?

This was in 2012, when Cisco merged the “Emerging Technology” business unit along with other adjacent technologies and formed the IOT Business Unit. I joined that business unit and began talking about it to customers and our internal Teams. At that time, people thought I am talking about something out of this world, non-realistic and very hard to achieve.

Did you think it was something big then or just another technology?

I did not realize how big this was at that time because I thought about it as just connected things that you can read data from and control them remotely.

What were your dreams, hopes for it once you realised how big it was going to be?

Once we started talking a “business language” about the outcomes of an IOT solution and realized the value of the “data” that an IOT system has, things changed! I then realized this will be a disruptive technology that will be in every vertical, industrial and consumer, every business!

Hani Khalaf