IoT Council: Three Questions on IoT: Toby Considine

In the mid-90s. I was giving talks on the “enterprise-responsive building” as a faculty member of the Institute of Facilities Management. By 2000, I was evaluating proposals for the “Green Registrar” services, scheduling classes into rooms that would minimize energy use during early morning, late afternoon (consolidation) and then looking into university classroom schedules interacting with BAS.

In 2001 or 2002, we started working on OBIX, (Open building Information Exchange), originally an expression of interactions with building controls using REST and XML. OBIX is now a disassociated information model with standard encodings in XML, EXI, and JSON, and standard bindings in RST, SOAP, and Web Socket.

By 2004, there were many efforts on Building Information for Emergency Responders (BIFER). That was part of many information exchanges (IE) that the BuildingSmart Alliance came up with including COBIE and ENERGIE. Some of the thinking in Energie was brought forward to OpenADR, to TEMIX, and now to the Common Transactive Services (CTS), now finishing up pubic review.

Toby Considine