IoT Council: Three Questions on IoT: Tomaž Vidonja

When did you hear first of IoT? In what context was that

I think it was in 2009/2010 when we were preparing a national project to address new technologies. We created a consortium of public research institutesxand private tech companies joined in a IoT CC – Competence Centre. Based on that we started the international IoT event called Living bits and things. It was organized anually between 2011 and 2020.

Did you think it was something big then or just another technology?

At that time it was already seen as a promissing technology, not just another technology. The idea of connecting billions of things to internet opened so many potential opportunities. And beyond … it was about data, transparency and influece/impact to people and society.

What were your dreams, hopes for it once you realised how big it was going to be?

Basically making decisions and arguments based on reliable and transparent data for more quality work and life. Fast and democratized (open) innovation, less digital devide, sustainable social development …

Tomaž Vidonja