Modeling Digital Penetration of the Industrialized Society and its Ensuing Transfiguration

Johannes Vrana· Ripi Singh

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, ushered by the deeper integration of digital tech- nologies into professional and social spaces, provides an opportunity to meaningfully serve society. Humans have tremendous capability to innovatively improve social well-being when the situation is clear, which was not the case during the first three revolutions. Thus, society has been accepting lifestyle changes willingly and several negative consequences unwillingly. Since the fourth one is still in its infancy, we can control it better. This paper presents a unified model of the industrialized ecosystem covering value creation, value consumption, enabling infrastructure, required skills, and additional governance. This design thinking viewpoint, which includes the con- sumer side of digital transformation, sets the stage for the next major lifestyle change, termed Digital Transfiguration. For validation and ease of comprehension, the model draws upon the well-understood automobile industry. This model unifies the digi- tal penetration of both industrial creation and social consumption, in a manner that aligns several stakeholders on their transformation journey.

Keywords Digital transformation · Digitalization · Industry 4.0 · Automotive · Design thinking · Sustainability