• Welcoming the digital as a new agora

    Picture the current situation: a table full of delicacies, linen as white as snow, beautiful cutlery; you’ve invited your friends to dinner. Everyone is happy and deep in conversation. All realise, however, that nothing on that table is yours. You only (still) own the house in which you throw the party. GAFA: Google, Apple, Facebook […]

  • The Cybersecurity Aspects of New Entities Need a Cybernetic, Holistic Perspective

    In our connected world security and proof (evidence constituted in Verifiable Credentials (VC, W3C)) is distributed over what an individual can attest, what my objects tell about me (that is why AI = inferences from that data, is so important), and my behavior: “apply shaving foam” is a number in coelition.org. It is clear that […]

  • Cyberspace: Identifying the Real and Absolute Enemy

    Carl Schmitt distinguishes between der Wirkliche Feind and the Absolute Feind (the real enemy and the absolute enemy). The latter is “die eigene Frage als gestalt” (His own question as shaped). The absolute enemy is the inability to change convictions, alliances, and opinions. The absolute friend is always very near to you, consisting of everyday […]