The metamorphosis of objects and human subjects in the Internet of Things

By Sophie Le Pallec, Rick Bouter, Gérald Santucci: Julian Bleecker’s engineering vision complements the one of science fiction design agent Bruce Sterling. He argues that once things are connected to the Internet, “they can only but become enrolled as active, worldly participants by knitting together, facilitating and contributing to networks of social exchange and discourse, and rearranging the rules of occupancy and patterns of mobility within the physical world.” In other words, things are destined to become “first-class citizens with which we will interact and communicate”. Bleecker considers “there’s one thing Spimes will do, they will most certainly ‘blog’”, from which he coins the term “Blogjects” – objects that blog. Blogjects have three characteristics: they track and trace where they are and where they have been; they have self-contained histories of their encounters and experiences; and they have some form of agency.