Tom de Block talks about Web3, and why it is not the same of Web3.0

Tom de Block talks about Web3 and the European Web3 Accelerator.

“All Web3 startups will benefit from the program, regardless of their stage.

“Your accelerator and mentorship experience might differ slightly, however, depending on whether you’re an early-stage or later-stage team.

We assist early-stage teams with navigating customer development and refining their product strategy. These teams are often working on large markets but need to figure out how to best capture the opportunity.

For later-stage teams with a solid product thesis, our value-add comes from deep domain expertise in Web3-native areas like token economics, regulations, and go-to-market.

In addition, both early and later-stage founders typically tell us that Alliance helped them expand their crypto network and connect with other top-tier Web3 builders, leading to direct impact in sales, user testing, partnership, and fundraising efforts.”