Webinar Agenda: Supply Chain Security

Webinar Agenda: Supply Chain Security

Interpreting New Requirements Guided by Policies and Regulations

Date:  Juy 25, 2024 

Time:  14:00 CET

Registristiation Link:

Target Audience:

Supply Chain Managers and Directors

Compliance Officers and Legal Advisors

IT and Cybersecurity Specialists

Risk Management Professionals

IoT and Technology Experts

Moderation: Rob van Kranenburg (CIO, asvin.io)

Welcome and Introduction

Presenter: András Vilmos, DOSS Project Coordinator

Duration: 10 minutes

Description: Andras will kick off the webinar by introducing the DOSS Supply Trust Chain, outlining its importance, and providing an overview of the key points to be discussed.

Q&A Session

– Duration: 5 minutes

– Description: An opportunity for attendees to ask initial questions about the project concept and get clarifications from Andras.

Use Case Presentations

Presenter: Various Experts

Duration: 15 minutes (5 minutes per use case)

Description: Three distinct use cases will be presented, each illustrating practical applications and challenges related to supply chain security.

  1. Use Case 1 Connected car, Tecnalia: Joana Gracia

  2. Use Case 2 Smart home, CERTH: Dimitris Tsoukalas

  3. Use Case 3 Prosumer use case, BME: György Rácz

Q&A Session

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: Attendees can ask questions specifically related to the use cases presented.

Expert Presentation: Friendly Project/IoT Specialist (tba.)

Presenter: IoT Expert (tba.)

Duration: 10 minutes

Description: An in-depth presentation by a friendly project and IoT expert who will share insights on integrating IoT solutions to enhance supply chain security.

Q&A Session

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: Interactive session for attendees to ask the IoT expert questions and gain deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Legislation Update

Presenter: Gaelle Le Gars (asvin.io)

Duration: 10 minutes

Description: Gaelle will provide an update on the latest legislation affecting supply chain security, explaining new requirements and how they impact organizations.

Q&A Session

Duration: 5 minutes

Description: A final Q&A session allowing attendees to seek clarifications on legislative updates and their implications.

Closing Remarks

– Presenter: Rob van Kranenburg

– Duration: 5 minutes

– Description: Rob will summarize key takeaways, provide final thoughts, and thank all attendees for their participation.

We look forward to your participation in this informative and engaging webinar!