• The 25-Year History of AutomatedBuildings.com

    Automated Buildings Ken Sinclair is the guest on Episode 452 of ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast. Ken shares exciting news about what he and the AutomatedBuildings.com editorial board will do at this year’s AHRExpo 25th Anniversary.

  • Lightning Talk at One Conference

    6 minutes

  • Introduction to forthcoming book Statecraft and Policymaking in a Hybrid World

    ‘Generationally speaking, the task of the “day” is, for all, to nurture a common understanding of what plurality means in a hyperconnected era, and for policymakers, to partner with society, instead of parenting it”![1] Gotta come on up to the House. Come down of the cross, we can use the wood. – Tom Waits Text…

  • Business models in the digital age

    Sourav Rout: We live in a world where if something is not on the internet, it doesn’t exist. In this digital age, businesses have had to modify their business models to accommodate the new reality. Digital first built and created a demand for new business models that help customers with quick and convenient access to…

  • New Forms of Governance (2): The mobile phone should be in public hands

    Rob van Kranenburg: The mobile phone should be in public hands.  There are three main reasons: Things are very simple. Organizations that depend on taxes it claims from citizens must own the means of governance to govern. Citizens will understand that instead of being captured in shareholder value, this system builds value for all in…

  • RISK BY CONTEXT (RBC): New methods for assessing and prioritizing cyber risks in dynamic and complex systems

    By Mirko Ross; Current cybersecurity risk detection systems in complex networked OT (Operational Technology) systems focus predominantly on situational assessments based on: Detection of participants in the system (ID, asset management, scan for known vulnerabilities (CVE) and mapping of participants and detected vulnerabilities to actively exploited attack paths. In the best case, the result is…

  • #IotDay conversation between Rob Tiffany and Mirko Ross

    #IotDay conversation between Rob Tiffany and Mirko Ross https://youtu.be/I721nCv5VHY via @YouTube #IoT#AI#farming#security#acceleration#energy and just plain good conversation!

  • Our Extended Sensoria. How Humans Will Connect with the Internet of Things

    Joseph A. Paradiso: The Internet of Things assumes ubiquitous sensate environments. Without these, the cognitive engines of this everywhere-enabled world are deaf, dumb, and blind, and cannot respond relevantly to the real-world events that they aim to augment. Advances over the past decade have been rampant, as sensors tend to exploit Moore’s Law. Accordingly, sensors…

  • Tom de Block talks about Web3, and why it is not the same of Web3.0

    Tom de Block talks about Web3 and the European Web3 Accelerator. “All Web3 startups will benefit from the program, regardless of their stage.

  • Abstract from IoT of People

    Concept written on 2nd April 2023, to be discussed on 12th April 2023. Internet ofThings (IoT) of People, Zoom Congress Potential Fundamentals on the concept “Abstract from IoT of People”. Concept: Henk A. Koopmans. In general the IoT could and should be seen as a Public Utility all over the world. Of course also a…